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Patients can't afford life saving drugs
Spokesperson: Doctors Reform Society
Date: 14/09/2011
“Today’s report that Australians pay more for prescription drugs than almost any other country which has a subsidised drug scheme should be a major concern for a Federal Government interested in health reform,” said Dr Tracy Schrader, President, Doctors Reform Society.
“Look at this with data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that 10% of Australians delay or don’t even get their prescriptions filled because of costs, and that if we survey sick Australians rather than just the average, the figure is even worse at 22%, thus many patients are simply not getting basic life saving treatment,” said Dr Schrader.
“It’s pretty simple. If someone can’t afford their blood pressure or cholesterol tablets, it means they can end up with a stroke or a heart attack that could have been prevented,” said Dr Schrader. “Diabetes and asthma medication also saves lives if patients can afford them. The Federal Government and the opposition however, insist that patients must pay more and more each year. They are ignoring the facts and pretending that cost is not stopping people getting proper health care.”
“Meanwhile such patients either die before their time or end up taking up beds in crowded public hospital unnecessarily,” said Dr Schrader. “Out of pocket costs are one on the biggest barriers to obtaining health care. As today’s report highlights, these costs have been rising faster than food and electricity prices. It’s time decision makers recognise cost barriers to care are killing people. We do have the power to address the problem. Something has to be done.”
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Information Source: AHHA e-healthcare brief - 16 September  2011
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